You've visited iPills 24. An online store that sells medicines in the United States. We specialize in medicines on the tender subjects such as: erectile dysfunction, hair loss, obesity and other. The range of pharmacies includes products manufactured by leading pharmaceutical companies in the US, Germany and India.

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In the iPills24 you can find all you need

Online pharmacy offers a large selection of:

  • Original drugs for potency and their generics.
  • Reliable drugs from obesity.
  • Sexual stimulants for women.
  • Regenerating hair growth drugs for men.
  • Quit smoking pills.

iPills 24 is not only an online store, but also an enquiry service. We provide complete information about all available medicines in the range. Before buying you can read about the principle of exposure, treatment rules, contraindications and side effects of the drug. The well thought-out interface of the website will allow you to find quickly the necessary medicine and find out its cost. Order registration will not take long time. We tried to make the purchase of medicines in the United States as simple and convenient as possible for people who had not previously used the services of online pharmacies.


We can deliver drugs to the major cities (New-York, Sacramento, Texas) within 3-5 working days after ordering thanks to our streamlined logistics. It may take a little more time to transport the drug to outlying regions of the United States. However, we try to ensure the order delivery in the shortest time as possible.

The online pharmacy iPills 24 has its own warehouse. Our conditions of drug storage comply with the standards for medication storage required by drug product manufacturers. Countrywise transportation of goods is carried out in special vehicles that maintain the required temperature and humidity levels. We are out of concern for our clients' satisfaction. We take care about receiving to each customer a quality medicine that will help solve his health problems.

Caring of anonymity is a high-priority task

Employees of iPills 24 respect your desire to stay incognito. Banking and personal information specified upon purchase will never be distributed to a third party. To simplify further purchases, your data is stored on servers for some time in encrypted form. However, if you do not visit the website and don't use its service for a long time, all information is permanently deleted.

Delivery of medicines is carried out in opaque bag without labeling. Only you know the lot of the package. Your anonymity is always protected if you use the web site iPills 24 for buying drugs for potency or other drugs in the US.

We are always ready to help

You can access our website iPills 24 24/7. You can order medicines at any time. As soon as manager processes the order, the goods will be packed and sent to you.

Please contact customer support for any questions about the drugs or questions regarding the work of the pharmacy. The customer support specialist will quickly solve the problem and give full information about any product. Also we will be happy to discuss your proposals for a further improvement of service.

Prices before market

Our goal is not to get the maximum profit from a single client, but to attract more loyal customers. So, iPills 24 refused from intermediaries in favor of cooperation with the official representatives of pharmaceutical companies. This allowed to set low prices for all medicines.

The pharmacy has regular discounts for wholesale customers. iPills 24 offers the most favorable conditions for ordering medicines in the United States.

Benefits of buying online

Online stores have many advantages in comparison with stationary pharmacies:

Cheaper drugs. Online pharmacies do not need to maintain a large staff and rent premises. Low financial implementation rate eliminates the need to overestimate the cost of goods.

Time saving. You can check the availability of the medicine and order it from your home computer or mobile device. There is no need to adapt to the schedule of the pharmacy. We will provide fast delivery to the any convenient place for you.

Anonymity. No one will ever learn of your health problems.

The popularity of online pharmacies in the United States is constantly growing. Every year, thousands of people discover the benefits of buying drugs online. Try once to place your order in the online medication store iPills 24, and you will then refuse to go to stationary pharmacies.