Medications which help quitting smoking

In 2018 the US government advance the struggle against smoking. The FDA has demanded a reduction of the nicotine content in cigarettes, which will reduce the likelihood of addiction. The program has not yet been adopted, but skeptics do not believe that it will significantly change the situation. Today, a quarter of the country's population cannot imagine their life without cigarettes.

Due to the fact that some people can't cope with their addiction there is a low effectiveness of anti-tobacco campaigns. Therefore, the authorities encourage the sale of special medications to help stop smoking. Such drugs reduce nicotine addiction and eliminate the habit.

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How smoking affects the body?

The tobacco smoke consists about of 4000 chemical compounds hazardous to the body. During smoking, tar, benzene, arsenic, formaldehyde, polonium and other toxic substances get into your lungs. Cigarettes are permanently destructive for your health:

  • The respiratory system is the main bulk of the impact. The lung area involved in gas exchange is reduced and the work of bronchus is disturbed. Detoxes from the respiratory tract is slowed down. Smokers suffering from respiratory disorders. Shortness of breath occurs even with light physical exertion. Risk of lung cancer increases.
  • Tobacco smoke constricts blood vessels, speeds up the heartbeat and impairs blood supply to all body systems. In addition, the level of cholesterol rises, which creates the risk of blood clots, heart attack and stroke.
  • Smoking damages the digestive tract, providing favorable conditions for the appearance of colon polyps, stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers.
  • Smoker’s organism absorbs less calcium. The bones become more fragile hereby osteoporosis is developed. Just as soon the elasticity of muscles and tendons is reduced.

Regular inhalation of tobacco smoke is reflected on the physical bearing. The skin becomes gray and more wrinkles appear earlier. Teeth covered with yellow bloom, developing stinking breath named halitosis. Nicotine causes fat deposition in the chest and waist, which makes figure disproportionate.

As sooner you start taking drugs that help you quit smoking so stronger your health will be. Due to break off a habit you start the process of cleaning the body. It takes more than 10 years to fully upgrade internal systems.

How does nicotine addiction medicines work?

Medicines presented in pharmacies in the United States are based on one of the following schemes:

  • Help reduce the dose of nicotine until the body refuse an addictive substance.
  • Constitute the misocapny.
  • Block the absorption of nicotine that makes person stop to enjoy smoking.
  • Сalm the nervous system and alleviate withdrawal symptoms. Mood does not depend on nicotine deficiency.

Doctors consider that pharmacological agents are more effective than other ways to quit smoking. For severe addiction that cannot be overcome with drug therapy, you can seek a hypnologist. Also among the smokers with great experience are in demand oriental techniques, including acupuncture.

Quit smoking products types

Reducing smoking medicines are divided into 4 groups. Choosing a suitable medication depends on your term of smoking, lifestyle, and overall health.

Nicotine replacement drugs

The drugs of this category includes substances that similar to nicotine effect on the body. Tablets stimulate the nerve receptors that are excited during smoking. After taking the medicine you won't enjoy the inhalation of tobacco smoke.

Cytisinum is the most famous nicotine substitute. It is less toxic than the main component of cigarettes, and almost does not harm the health. In the US the drug is known under the trade name “Tabex”.

Cytisinum has a large number of contraindications and not suitable for everyone. In addition, there is the habituation of addiction to a nicotine substitute. Therefore, it is necessary to use “Tabex” carefully.  

Antidepressant drug Zyban (Bupropion)

Antidepressants act in such way as to eliminate the psychological dependence on cigarettes. Medications help to overcome the habit of smoking in a particular situation. After 1-2 courses of therapy you can avoid smoking and don't feel discomfort.

Antidepressants are effective against withdrawal syndrome. Drug administration avoids from periods of aggression, irritability or a depressed state. You will not feel stressed and depressed.

Zyban Generic is considered as the most high-quality help stop smoking antidepressant. The drug is not harmful for health and gives a high chance for success. Over 65% of smokers overcome addiction after the first course of medication.

Nicotine medicines

Medications that contain small doses of medical nicotine are often used in the United States. They help eliminate the inhalation of tobacco smoke and reduce the amount of harmful substances entering the body. It is possible to completely eliminate demand for smoking in several months of treatment.

Nikorette is the leader in sales of nicotine-containing drugs. To achieve a result, the drug administration should be carried out for a long time. The effectiveness of this treatment is not very high. Quit smoking with the help of Nicorette succeeds in case of 43%.

Medicines constituted the misocapny

Varenicline is an active substance that acts on the brain receptors, making them immune to nicotine. While the drug acts it constitute the misocapny, tobacco smoke become disgust for the smoker. Cigarettes become associated with discomfort, so it makes easier to fight addiction.

The trade name of varenicline in the US is "Champix". The drug is sold in stationary and online pharmacies without a prescription. However, be careful: the drug causes many side effects. We also recommend to read the instructions carefully, because the incorrect use of Champix can harm your health.

Why doctors recommend Zyban Generic?

Zyban Generic is a mild antidepressant that gives you a good chance of overcoming nicotine addiction. The course of drug administration is only 7-9 weeks. You will be impressed by the effectiveness. Even after smoking for more than 10 years, these pills give all the chances to quit smoking.

In contrast to the other antidepressants, Zyban Generic does not cause serious side effects. The drug exclusively has an effect on the nervous system, without interfering with the other internal organs work. The safest way to quit smoking for US residents is buying Zyban Generic.