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  • David 27.05.2020

    We are taking the whole family for the second time for prevention, thanks

  • Naomie 21.05.2020

    The child had a stomach ache, well, I panicked and went to the doctor. He reassured me, said that children often have worms, he advised this drug. Now the son is healthy, the stomach does not hurt anymore. I hope this does not happen again

  • Tatum 15.05.2020

    If you have an animal in your house, in any case, you will have to purchase this drug sooner or later

  • Kyle 13.02.2020

    It turns out that for years I had worms in my body and I did not even suspect. The doctor prescribed me albenza and now everything is fine

  • Britta 05.02.2020

    It’s unpleasant to realize that worms are wound up inside you. I almost vomited when I found out. Fortunately, albenza helped to quickly remove vile parasites

  • Mike 01.02.2020

    I bought medicine for my dog because I noticed that she was scratching her butt on the floor. Just in case, I took the drug too. As a result, we are both healthy

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