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  • Laisha 25.05.2020

    Cream works great! A real miracle. Cured recurrent basal cell carcinoma. The treatment is long, rather difficult, but after 6 months there is complete healing.

  • Crystal 19.05.2020

    I had condylomas on the labia, went to the gynecologist, she prescribed me Aldara cream, said that it should be applied carefully before bedtime. It turned out to be problematic to find the drug in the pharmacy, so I ordered it here. 2 weeks smeared this cream and as a result I am healthy

  • Lauryn 13.05.2020

    Major condylomas have passed, the drug is effective, I recommend !!

  • Stan 17.02.2020

    I had such an unpleasant sensation of warts on my ass that it was difficult for me to sit. When I started using the cream, these warts began to disappear gradually after a couple of weeks and completely disappeared after 2 months. I wish the treatment had given result faster, but the most important thing is that I am now healthy

  • Petra 13.02.2020

    Use the cream carefully! Everything was itching there after I rubbed the cream. Probably did something wrong

  • Gary 03.02.2020

    I was just ashamed to go to the pharmacy and explain the vendor I need to cure genital warts so I ordered aldara on this website. Everything came right in time, thanks

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