Alopecia Review Differentiation of hair loss.

Alopecia Areata

In Alopecia Areata also known by Alopecia circumscripta, Pelade, Areata Celsis or circular hair loss is defined as a round, localized abnormal hair loss. Alopecia usually starts at about 80% of people from the head, in men in the beard area or, in exceptional cases in the area of body hair.

Alopecia Areata hair loss is the most common inflammatory disease and can occur at any age, with the 2nd and 3 Decade of life are preferred. Alopecia Areata is like having patchy hair loss. These are short broken hairs, which are getting thinner at its end.

alopecia areata

The bald spots are smooth, depressed, and not scaly and the hair follicles remain. Frequently there are additional changes in the nails with dimples, grooves or sandpaper-like roughening. It is thought that immune cells that are supposed to take care of the defences against viruses, bacteria and fungi, their activity against the cells in hair roots of the body depend. Immune system disorder the hair is thus the immune system as “foreign” is recognized and therefore rejected.

This is done by first produced an inflammatory reaction that disrupts the hair growth and eventually cause the failure of the hair out. For many people, these bald spots grow back without treatment and are therefore only temporary. However, hair loss can continue to progress and lead to the loss of all scalp hair alopecia totalis or loss of all body hair alopecia universalis. A mental trigger has been demonstrated in studies do not.

Although there are studies that indicate a link between stress which leads to alopecia areata, is the theory that alopecia areata is caused by stress, is speculative and highly controversial. What is certain is that there is a certain component inheritance, since a family history is 10 – 25% of cases are reported. The following methods are usually employed to establish the state of alopecia areata.

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In addition to the above-mentioned causes of Alopecia hair loss that in the course of starvation diets, metabolic diseases such as diabetes mellitus, Cohn’s disease an inflammation of the bowel wall, in bulimia nervosa an abnormal excessive followed by self-induced vomiting or laxative abuse, anorexia be caused by hypothyroidism an under active thyroid, rarely even with hyperthyroidism, anaemia a reduction or malformation of red blood cells or their low haemoglobin content.

Even with flu, the erysipelas of erysipelas, a usually caused by streptococcal skin infection, infectious diseases such as typhoid and scarlet fever, and depression can occur hair loss. Also, STDs such as syphilis in the second and third stage and fungal diseases can cause hair loss.

 Alopecia can be caused by allergies, vascular spasms, stove events, under-active pituitary gland hypothesis to be taken malfunction Symptoms and mental trauma to the eye. The poison thallium already produced small amounts of hair loss or alopecia.

A significant deficiency in vitamins C, H, A and B and of the trace elements zinc and selenium, which can be unilateral, occurs over a prolonged period, poor diets also cause hair loss. Also a massive overdose of folic acid, vitamin A and C can lead to the same effect, especially if renal dysfunction is present. Also, a previously damaged liver can sometimes cause hair-toxic and Alopecia substances that do not move fast enough from the metabolism and break down and causes Alopecia.

Alopecia Treatments

Scalp biopsy a little piece of scalp is removed and examined
Trichogram 50 hairs are plucked and then examined.

By administering a chemotherapeutic agent to produce a hair in the hair follicle is disrupted in the short term. After the hair starts growing normally and grows further out from the hair root. If, however, the blemish on the skin surface, depending on the growth rate takes 2-3 weeks, it breaks off. It “covers” the hair out in bunches, and it is really just a massive collapse. The hairs grow almost for ever, because it never really is a massive damage to all hair roots can cause Alopecia.