Today, science knows about 280 types of worms that can develop and live in the human body, parasitizing in various organs and tissues. The frequency of cases of humans being infected by these parasites depends on the climatic and socio-economic conditions of specific territories (in underdeveloped countries, especially those located in the tropical and subtropical zones, the level of parasitic infections is much higher than in economically developed states). According to the statistics, in the United States alone, which is the habitat of 20 species of worms that can parasitize the human body, about 15 million people become infected each year, of which 80% are children.

Fatigue, pale skin, frequent indigestion, allergic rashes are symptoms indicating the presence of worms in the body. And although most people believe that helminths are more common for children to catch, in fact, adults also often suffer from these parasites.

Why helminths are dangerous?

Consuming all the substances necessary for its vital activity from the host organism, helminths become the cause of digestive disorders, malabsorption of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and fats. At the same time, the products of the vital activity of helminths inhibit the normal intestinal microflora and reduce the body's immune forces. That may lead to more harmful disorders and even lead to cancer in the most severe cases.

Helminthiasis Prevention

Luckily, preventing helminthiasis is not so difficult as you might have thought. These are all practically basic rules most people follow and common sense:

  • Compliance with personal and public hygiene;
  • Strict adherence to cooking technology;
  • Regular examination and preventive treatment of domestic animals;
  • Thorough washing of fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs;
  • Proper processing of river fish;
  • Refusal to consume raw, slightly salted and dried fish.
  • Treating helminth infections

There are many medications out there that help to cope with diseases caused by parasitic worms. We provide only the best and most approved drugs for curing helminthiasis. And all of them are produced by pharmaceutical companies in the United States.

Most effective anthelminths


Many doctors and vets prescribe Stromectol as the most effective way of treating helminthiasis. Yes, you heard that right, this drug is also used on pets because the only true way of getting rid of parasites is if everybody in the apartment goes through the therapy, cats and dogs included.

The advantage of Stromectol is its versatility as it destroys not only helminths but also lice and scabies so it is kind of jack of all trades amongst anthelmintics. That is one of the main reasons why this medication is so popular.

You can buy Stromectol in our online shop so check out our article with all the info about this drug, place an order and you will forget about all the nasty creatures tyrannizing you.


Another useful and widely used treatment for helminth infections is Albenza with its active component albendazole. This powerful drug is specialized on worms and thus even more deadly for these parasites. Of course, it is also possible to use Albenza on your pets if that’s what you are here for.

Taking Albenza, you are guaranteed to be free of any disturbances related to helminths. Order Albenza in our pharmacy today and become healthy in no time.

If you are wondering whether it is better to buy Albenza or to obtain Stromectol for your individual case, ask your doctor about both of the drugs. It is absolutely necessary to go through medical examination before taking any of these medications. Remember, self-medication can be harmful for your health!