Antiviral drugs are usually prescribed by doctors to cope with influenza and other viruses similar to flu. This therapy is considered most effective when executed right after the appearance of first symptoms of the disease.

Antivirals help to treat flu, get rid of sickness fast and without any hard consequences such as pneumonia that sometimes appears in severe cases of flu. Antiviral medications are not to be confused with antibiotics which are used in completely different situations.

Coronavirus COVID-19 prevention

During the latest coronavirus pandemic the demand for antiviral drugs for coronavirus has increased dramatically. A lot of local pharmacies can’t deal with so many customers and most medications are already out of stock. That’s why online pharmacy offers antiviral drugs over the counter for anyone willing to secure themselves and their families from the spreading disease.

While coronavirus treatment is only about to be invented, there are certain antivirals that are proven to be an effective way to prevent the disease. Note that these medications can’t be used as coronavirus cure. They should be administered regularly and act as coronavirus precautions. It means that a person using the antiviral drugs is less likely to catch the disease either because the medication increases immunity or annihilates virus cells in small quantities preventing them from spreading inside the body and thus causing a disease.

Most effective antivirals


By far Kaletra has been used by HIV positive patients to fight the disease. The medication has an effect of immunity booster that prevents replications of virus cells (retroviral as well). This impact on patient’s body is exactly what makes Kaletra a very powerful medication for coronavirus prevention. The laboratory tests demonstrated efficacy of Kaletra active substance against COVID-19 and shown that administering the drug by patients without HIV is completely safe.

It is now possible to buy Kaletra online at our shop so feel free to read a full review on this antiviral drug and its dosage, contraindications and possible side effects.


Aralen is a famous malaria treatment and malaria is not a virus but a parasitic infection so why is this medication in the category? Well, it acts similar to antivirals but what’s most important it is known as a potent coronavirus precaution measure.

Scientists say that COVID-19 behavior is very alike to malaria and it has many similarities in its structure. That’s the reason Aralen works so well when it comes to disease prevention. It basically exterminates small quantities of virus cells that enter the body. Some doctors believe that it can even become not only prevention measure but coronavirus cure which is yet to be discovered so there aren’t any guarantees right now.

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