Papillomavirus infection is not a rare thing nowadays. There are quite a lot of people having it in both light and severe forms. If statistics aren’t wrong, one in a thousand people in North America has this disease. Therefore, one should always use contraceptives when having sex to protect yourself from HPV, genital warts in particular. The worst thing about this disease is that it can develop in latent form for quite a long time so it’s always helpful to pay your visit to a doctor and check for the infection in case you suspect yourself of having it.

This article, however, is mostly for people who have already caught the infection and suffer from the unpleasant consequences. Genital warts are often considered treatable only through surgery but that’s not true. People who are afraid of having a surgery or can’t afford it have another option. This simple solution is called Aldara and we’re happy to inform you of it in our review.

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What is Aldara?

Aldara is widely known amongst doctors as a great method to cure HPV. It’s a cream for external use with 5% of its active substance imiquimod. 

The remedy is produced and sold on the market since 1997 when it was approved as a valid treatment for papillomavirus infection. The recent research claims that using Aldara is way more effective when compared to using placebo thus confirming its potency.

What is Aldara prescribed for?

Aldara is prescribed to heal all consequences caused by papillomavirus infection, also called HPV. That includes genital warts, superficial basal cell carcinoma, and actinic keratosis. These warts can be harmless and disappear on their own in about a year or so but in most cases they cause pain and discomfort. This is the reason one should stick to using Aldara cream as it helps to overcome the disorder and return to a normal healthy life.

Aldara method of administration

Aldara is a cream so, as obvious as it can be, you must apply it on the affected skin and delicately rub until it is entirely absorbed and leave on the skin for 6-10 hours. You should use the remedy 3 times per week before sleep and keep using it for as long as it is required, meaning until the warts disappear, but for no longer than 16 weeks in a row.

Here are some special indications and tips on how to use Aldara we’ve collected for you:

  1. Wash your hands before and after using the cream.
  2. Wash your genital and anal area before applying cream and after the procedure has been finished.
  3. Only apply the cream on the exact spot of the wart, avoid getting Aldara on the surrounding skin area and especially on the insides of vagina, urethra and anus. 
  4. During the therapy it is recommended to wear pants made of cotton fabric.
  5. Don’t touch your eyes if there’s any cream left on your hands.
  6. Don’t expose the treated area to the sunlight.
  7. Don’t have sex when Aldara is applied.

How does Aldara work?

Aldara is an immune response modifier. Its main component imiquimod does not have a direct antiviral effect, its effect is due to the induction of interferon alpha and other cytokines.

Aldara is a unique one of its kind because this cream not only removes unpleasant and painful warts as most other methods of treatment, but also activates the immune system by stimulating the production of interferon, anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory antibodies, and helps the body to fight the virus.

Aldara contraindications

Aldara is considered a completely safe drug so there are basically no contraindications. The only thing you should note is that there is no research on using the cream for people under the age of 18. Another thing, pretty obvious but nonetheless important to understand, is that if you have hypersensitivity to imiquimod or any other components of the cream, you shouldn’t use it. Other than that, Aldara is available for everyone to use.

Side Effects of Aldara

  • infection
  • erythema
  • erosion
  • excoriation and edema
  • itchy skin
  • dermatitis
  • folliculitis
  • erythematous rash
  • eczema
  • hives
  • induration
  • ulceration
  • scab formation and blistering
  • local hypopigmentation and hyperpigmentation
  • headache
  • dizziness
  • insomnia
  • depression
  • irritability
  • paresthesia
  • migraine
  • drowsiness
  • tinnitus

Now you might see the list of Aldara side effects and get too scared to use it. We assure you that you shouldn’t be. First of all, all of them except headache and itching appear very rarely but, what’s more important, they are the result of using the cream wrong. So, if you’re using the remedy the way it is meant to be used and follow the indications, you will be perfectly fine.

Can I drive a car after applying Aldara?

Yes, you are allowed to drive and operate machines after applying Aldara. Aldara has no effect on your concentration, the worst thing that might affect your driving is already mentioned possible headache. That you should bare in mind.

Is it okay to combine Aldara and alcohol?

There are no special indications concerning alcohol so there is no restriction of drinking alcohol after applying Aldara. Nevertheless, it’s never a good idea to get drunk during any therapy. You might accidentally apply too much cream or touch your eyes without washing your hands previously. Watch out for such accidents, it can lead to severe consequences.

How can you obtain Aldara?

You’ve probably seen Aldara price in regular pharmacies. It can reach big numbers. But don’t you worry, there is a way to get Aldara without breaking the bank. Our online pharmacy offers affordable prices with discounts and that’s not the only advantage you get by buying in our shop. You will get the delivery in just a couple of days wherever you live in USA. Buying Aldara has never been easier before. 

Some people are concerned about buying drugs like Viagra or treatment for intimate problems, such as genital warts. It can be truly uncomfortable to ask for the cream personally from a vendor. Most people prefer staying anonymous and buy Aldara online. We are the ones who are willing to satisfy this demand. Order your treatment in our pharmacy shop and forget about all the inconveniences!

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  • Laisha 25.05.2020

    Cream works great! A real miracle. Cured recurrent basal cell carcinoma. The treatment is long, rather difficult, but after 6 months there is complete healing.

  • Crystal 19.05.2020

    I had condylomas on the labia, went to the gynecologist, she prescribed me Aldara cream, said that it should be applied carefully before bedtime. It turned out to be problematic to find the drug in the pharmacy, so I ordered it here. 2 weeks smeared this cream and as a result I am healthy

  • Lauryn 13.05.2020

    Major condylomas have passed, the drug is effective, I recommend !!