Aralen - Coronavirus COVID-19 prevention

Aralen is a drug that acts as quinoline derivative commonly called aminoquinoline that is invented to become a cure from malaria and most kinds of infections involving parasites. The medicine eliminates every malaria parasite present in patient’s body. The way Aralen acts is different from any other antiparasitic drugs which are out there. It changes DNA of parasites thus lethally harming them and curing patient from the infection.

Despite Aralen being a medicine used specifically for treating malaria, the recent studies showed it to be an effective coronavirus COVID-19 prevention. Scientists say that covid acts similar to parasitic infections which is why Aralen is recommended as coronavirus precautions.

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Aralen dosage

Aralen should be administered orally and washed down with some water. It is advised to take the pill after the course of meal. The dosage is based on what kind of disease is being treated.

Beware that dosage listed in this article is a standard dosage written in Aralen instructions and it isn’t necessary the dose appropriate for everyone. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to visit a therapist before using the drug.

Malaria treatment

In case of malaria acute attacks adults should take 2 pills 1g total of the medicine and then 500mg in about 7 hours after first administration. Then the drug with 500mg dosage is prescribed to be used for 3 days more and then again in 1 week after the last administration.

Children should take the first pill in the dose of 10mg per kg of their weight and then administer for 2 more days in the dose of 5mg per kg.

Intestinal amebiasis

The standard dose for treating intestinal amebiasis is 1g daily for two days and then 500mg every day for 3 weeks straight.

Coronavirus prevention

As coronavirus COVID-19 precautions Aralen should be administered in the dose of 250mg every day with a small pause after every second week. It should be noted that even though there is certain proof that Aralen can be an effective coronavirus cure, the studies have too little data and are yet to be confirmed. Therefore, Aralen should not be considered coronavirus treatment until scientists give an affirmative answer.

Aralen contraindications

Aralen is contraindicated for patients who suffer from hypersensitivity, frank impairments of cardiac muscle, disorders of liver and kidneys functions, illnesses of retina and cornea of an eye, illnesses of blood and nervous system, chronic alcoholism and diabetes. It is also dangerous to use this medicine for people who are allergic to chloroquine.

Aralen side effects

Considering Aralen is a strong medicine intended to fight parasitic infections, it has a wide list of possible side effects. However, there is no reason to be terrified. Usually the most unpleasant reactions of the body are diarrhea, mild headache and nausea. 

More severe side effects occur very rarely but should be noted as well. These include: allergic reactions, sore throat, fever, mood changes, unusual weakness, weight loss, vision problems. If any of them appear, course of Aralen administration should be immediately stopped. It is also essential in this case to visit your therapist.


Prolonged course of Aralen can result in symptoms listed above. Such problems is a reason to stop taking Aralen for some time or completely drop the course, depending on what your doctor claims to be the right choice.

It is not advisable to use Aralen if you’re planning to drive or operate dangerous machines at work. In case any problems with vision are witnessed, driving is completely forbidden.

Drug interactions

Taking certain drugs with Aralen can lead to certain unpleasant conditions. Here’s the list of medicines that should be administered with caution when the course of Aralen is undertaken: ampicillin, cimetidine, antacids that contain magnesium, kaolin and cyclosporine. Effects of using these drugs at the same time with Aralen aren’t always dangerous enough to stop the therapy. The exact decision is up to healing doctor.


Aralen overdose in most cases causes the already mentioned side effects but in multiplied severity which is definitely a reason to call the therapist immediately. If overdose is more serious, it can lead to breathing problems and end lethally in two hours after usage. Thus it is absolutely necessary to call an ambulance when the overdose is suspected.

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  • Jake 22.03.2020

    This coronavirus won’t stop me from living life at its fullest. I don’t want to waste my time on the quarantine so I just take aralen before going at a party. By far works great, I’m as healthy as I can be

  • Margareth 19.03.2020

    My grandfather has to go on several procedures to clinic. I was worrying that he can catch coronavirus so ordered aralen, hope it’ll make it safer for him

  • Nick 15.03.2020

    My wife got sick with coronavirus about a week ago. We live together so I was sure that I’m going to get sick as well. Bought aralen just cause I was desperate and guess what, negative on coronavirus even though we were sleeping in the same bed all this time. She’s fine too now by the way