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The combination of availability and reliability is the business card of Levitra generic. The drug contributes to the appearance of an erection in more than 90% of cases, but it is much cheaper than products of popular brands. Buying Levitra generic in the US, you save a few dollars on each tablet. The analogue supports the ability to engage in sexual intercourse for a long time. With this means for potency, you can have an active sex life without large financial expenses

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Levitra generic

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What is Levitra generic?

Levitra generic is included in the list of the most qualitative analogues of original preparations for potency. It contains phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitor Vardenafil, which has proven to be an effective remedy for erectile dysfunction. To accelerate the absorption of the active substance and mitigate its effects on the body, additional components are used:

  • Croscarmellose sodium;
  • magnesium stearate;
  • microcrystalline cellulose;
  • calcium phosphate.

The film shell of the tablet consists of titanium dioxide, hypromellose, lactose, triacetin and indigo carmine. The drug for potency does not contain toxic and other substances harmful to the body. Regular use of the drug does not lead to the appearance of pathologies. In the US, Levitra generic is recognized as one of the safest drugs to enhance potency.

Levitra original is quickly digested. The effect is felt within 30-45 minutes after taking the pill. The components of the drug are completely eliminated from the body within 24 hours.

What is Levitra generic prescribed for?

Levitra generic is designed to combat erectile disorders of varying severity:

  • Reducing the size of the erect penis.
  • Delayed response to sexual arousal.
  • The need for prolonged stimulation of the penis for the appearance of an erection.
  • Inability to engage in sexual intercourse (impotence).
  • Periodic loss of erection during sex.

Erectile dysfunction can affect the stamina of a man in bed. Reducing the quality of erection makes the head of the penis more sensitive, which accelerates the onset of orgasm. Therefore, doctors sometimes recommend ordering Levitra generic in the US for men suffering from premature ejaculation.

Posology and method of administration

Vardenafil 20mg must be taken 30-45 minutes before sexual intercourse. If you do not plan to have sex, you do not need to use the drug. The remedy for potency gives a temporary effect and does not contribute to complete recovery from erectile dysfunction.

Only one pill of Levitra generic (20mg) is allowed at a time, regardless of dosage. The next time you can use the medicine is only after 24 hours. Failing to comply with the specified interval, you increase the risk of overdose and the appearance of side effects.

To prevent Levitra generic from harming your health, you must follow these guidelines:

  • Do not eat grapefruit and grapefruit juice while the cure for erectile dysfunction is working.
  • Do not combine Levitra generic with other drugs containing phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors.
  • Do not take potency tablets with nitrates, oral hypoglycemic agents, calcium channel blockers and beta-blockers.

Before you order Levitra generic in the United States, you must determine what dosage of the drug you need. Pharmacies sell three versions of the drug:

  • Levitra generic 5 mg (has a weak effect on the body and is not suitable for the treatment of severe disorders). Men who need a little sexual doping, choose a medicine in the minimum dosage.
  • Levitra 10 mg is very popular in the USA. The drug helps with most problems of an intimate nature.
  • Levitra 20 mg is prescribed for severe forms of erectile dysfunction. The drug makes it possible to have sex even for men who have been diagnosed with impotence.

Good advice: If you accidentally took more than one pill of Levitra generic, go to the hospital. Since there is no special antidote, doctors will take advantage of symptomatic treatment. When the medicine is out of the body, your condition will improve.

How does Levitra generic work?

Levitra generic starts a chain of chemical reactions that cause the appearance of an erection. Vardenafil inhibits phosphodiesterase-5, which stimulates the breakdown of nitric oxide. Under the influence of medication, the vessels that lead to the reproductive system expand and fill with blood.

The remedy for potency does not give a stimulating effect. An erection appears only when you feel a natural sexual attraction.

Buying Levitra generic in the US will allow you to have a full sex life. When used correctly, the drug works in more than 90% of cases. Most tablets for erectile dysfunction are inferior to Levitre generic in effectiveness.

Side Effects of Vardenafil

Levitra generic rarely causes side effects. In 10% of cases, taking the drug leads to headache, dizziness, dyspepsia, sensation of heat on the face, nasal congestion, myalgia. These disorders themselves do not require medical intervention.

Approximately 0.1% of men experience eye problems after using Levitra generic. The medicine can disrupt the perception of certain colors or cause mild myopia. Vision is restored within 2-3 hours after taking the pill.

It is necessary to go to the hospital for men in whom the drug caused an uncontrollable erection (priapism). The disorder can cause penile deformity and aggravate potency problems.

Can I take Levitra generic If I'm a woman?

Women should not take Levitra generic. Exposure of the drug to the body can lead to unpredictable effects. It will be safer to use special sex stimulants for women.

It is also forbidden to use medicine for children and adolescents. Adult men can order Levitra generic in the US without fear for their health.

Can I drive a car after taking Levitra generic?

In most cases, Levitra generic does not affect concentration and reflexes. Therefore, to drive a car after taking the drug is not prohibited. You need to abandon driving only if you have vision problems or dizziness.

Good advice: To alleviate the side effects caused by the drug for potency, you can use symptomatic treatment. Ask your doctor what medicines will help you to get rid of discomfort.

Levitra generic and alcohol

The combination of Levitra generic and alcohol can lead to poisoning, increases the burden on the liver and damages the cardiovascular system. To reduce the negative impact on the body, the amount of alcohol must be limited. Permissible dose of spirits drinks - 100 grams.

In what cases Levitra generic does not work?

The most common cause of low effectiveness of Levitra generic is the wrong dosage. Tablets containing 5 mg and 10 mg of vardenafil may not work with severe forms of erectile dysfunction. About 3% of men are not susceptible to the effects of an agent for potency. If taking Levitra generic several times in a row does not give the desired effect, you must choose another medicine in US pharmacies.

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