Inorgasmia is the main reason of sexual activity decrease among women. Absence of orgasm has a bad influence on the intimate aspect of relationships. Women loss the interest to the sexual life in their relationship. Appears disgust to the partner, and sexual intercourse instead of positive emotions causes irritation.

Buying Lovegra in the United States will help to cope with the problem. The drug significantly increases the likelihood of orgasm and increases its duration. After taking the pill, neither anorgasmia nor other sexual disorders will prevent you from experiencing maximum enjoyment.

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What is Lovegra?

Lovegra is the most effective drug for women used for sexual dysfunction. The drug helps to achieve readiness for sex and get stronger feelings. Regular pills increase the quality of intimate life.

Phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitor Sildenafil is the main component of Lovegra. The active substance selectively affects the body, improving the functioning of the reproductive system. In addition to Sildenafil, the drug contains:

  • croscarmellose sodium;
  • calcium phosphate;
  • microcrystalline cellulose;
  • magnesium stearate.

Due to its balanced composition, the drug acts gently and does not harm health. Women buying Lovegra in the United States complain only about not enough high partner activity in bed.

What is Lovegra applied for?

The lack of a stable sex life adversely affects health. This lead to disrupted reproductive system and psychological problems. A woman becomes more irritable, prone to aggression. Reduced stress tolerance and increased risk of depression.

To keep in good health, you need to react quickly to the appearance of intimate problems. Lovegra will help to cope with the most common disorders of sexual function:

  • Anorgasmia. The drug is justified even in severe form of the disorder such as frigidity.
  • Low excitability. After taking the pill foreplay and sex get more pleasure.
  • Lack of intimate lubrication. Lovegra easily replace artificial lubricants.
  • Painful sensations during sexual intercourse.

The drug ensures the normal functioning of the reproductive system after menopause. Every fourth woman over 50 years old in the United States takes Lovegra.

Helpful hint: In mature age, a sexual stimulant may put too much stress on the cardiovascular system. Therefore, women who have reached 65 years old are recommended to be examined by doctor annually.

Application and dosing of Lovegra:

Lovegra should be taken in 30-40 minutes before sexual intercourse. The effect comes faster if you do not combine the drug with fatty food. The tablet should be washed down with water or another soft drink.

Sexual stimulant is not recommended to take:

  • Women with cardiovascular disease, liver failure, or Sildenafil allergies.
  • Combined with medicines containing nitrates, oral hypoglycemic agents, some antibiotics, calcium channel blockers and beta-blockers.
  • The young person.

Do not eat grapefruit and do not drink grapefruit juice. The combination of Sildenafil with citrus will lead to health deterioration.

Use Lovegra only if you plan to have sex. It gives a temporary effect and, as a rule, does not provide a full recovery from sexual dysfunction. The pill can be taken at any time.

Lovegra is available only in a dosage of 100 mg. This amount of Sildenafil allows you to keep a high sexual tone of the body for several hours. Women preferred long sexual intercourse should order Lovegra in the United States.

Helpful hint: With frequent occurrence of side effects is necessary to reduce the dosage of medications. To avoid discomfort, divide the pill into 2 doses.

How does Lovegra 100mg works?

Sildenafil causes blood flow to the genitals that gives a triple effect:

  1. Increases the sensitivity of the vaginal walls, external vulvar lips and other erogenous zones.
  2. Increases the tone of the intimate muscles, and the penetration of the penis stop to cause pain.
  3. The glands responsible for the release of lube are activated.

Lovegra provides a stronger body response to foreplay. You will reach sex readiness just in 3-5 minutes. In addition, the drug allows to keep a high level of arousal after orgasm and accelerates the next one.

The purchase of Lovegra in the United States leads to increase the quality of sex life in 80% of cases. The drug not only solves the problems of an intimate life, but also helps to get more pleasure in sexual relationship.

Side effects of Lovegra:

Every tenth woman using Lovegra faces side effects:

  • headache;
  • sensation like heat on the face;
  • pain in the muscles and back;
  • dizziness;
  • nasal congestion;
  • eating disorder, sickliness.

Rarely decrease of the vision clarity and colour blindness (changes in the perception of red and green colors). These side effects occur in 0.1% of cases.

Most of specified disorders disappear on their own when the active substance is removed from the body. If discomfort persists for more than 4 hours, consult a doctor. Symptomatic treatment is allowed.

If Lovegra can be taken by men?

Lovegra contains the same active substance as the male drug for potency Viagra. However, the dosage of auxiliary components is changed in the female version of the drug. The effect of the drug is decreased due to the processing of the composition.

Men with a mild form of erectile dysfunction can take Lovegra. However, serious sexual problems require the use more effective drugs, which can be found in online pharmacies in the US.

How does Lovegra affect car driving?

The drug does not affect the perception and does not reduce the reaction rate. After taking the drug car driving and increased concentration job performance is allowed.

If the drug has caused a loss of clarity or severe dizziness, you should refrain from driving. Wait the disorder is pass or ask another person to drive.

Lovegra alcohol compatibility

Lovegra can be combined with 200 g of wine or 100 g of strong liquor. Higher doses of liquor will lead to side effects. Taking the drug with alcohol more than once a month damages the liver and the cardiovascular system.

Cases when Lovegra may not work?

The main reasons for the lack of a result after the application of Lovegra is improper storage or non-compliance with instructions, immunity to Sildenafil. To increase chances for success, you should fulfill two requirements:

  • Keep the packaging of medicine in a dry place out of direct sunlight.
  • Read and follow the instructions how to apply a sexual stimulant.

Women whose body does not respond to Sildenafil should use other methods to improve their sexual tone.

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    My husband was completely shocked by so many of my orgasms.

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    I must say that Viagra for women for me is just a new stage in sexuality in marriage. Recently, I have somehow cooled off about sex. I decided to order these pills for myself, suddenly something will change, oh my God, I have never experienced such a feeling. Girls, take it, you will not regret it