Zanaflex is an α2–central action adrenergic muscle relaxant, which was developed to treat spasticity in neurological diseases. It is also an effective treatment for pain syndromes, associated with increased muscle tone.

Zanaflex directly affects adrenergic receptors of alpha-2 origin. It is considered an agonist in relation to structures located in the central nervous system. With a well-chosen dosage, some of the pathogen amino acids that are sensitive to D-receptor and N-methyl receptors (NMDA group) are suppressed.

As a result, reactions are slowed down at the level of neural connections in the spinal canal. The transmission of a nervous signal of excitation of a polysynaptic character is suppressed. Clinical studies have not established a direct effect of Zanaflex on monosynaptic reflex processes, neuromuscular structures and skeletal muscles.

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The drug is relevant for reducing joint activity. The number of passive movements decreases while the freedom of active movements increases, which is important for the prevention of various pathologies of diseases including multiple sclerosis.

Reducing the spasmodic reaction to internal and external stimuli increases the number of contractions of a derivative nature. Zanaflex expands the capabilities of the muscle groups of the upper and lower extremities. The feeling of freedom of movement returns due to inhibition of polysynaptic reflexes in the spinal cord.

When taken orally, it is rapidly and almost completely absorbed in the digestive tract. Simultaneous eating does not affect the absorption of tizanidine. Cmax in blood plasma is reached after 1-2 hours. Binding to plasma proteins is negligible - 30%. Metabolism is carried out mainly in the liver. Metabolites do not have pronounced pharmacological activity. The starting agent and its metabolites are excreted mainly by the kidneys (approximately 70%). T½ is 3-5 hours.

Indications for use Zanaflex

The composition is used for the preventive and rehabilitation therapy of spastic skeletal pathologies. The active substance is widely used to treat the effects and development of neurological diseases, including:

  • multiple sclerosis of various etiologies;
  • stroke;
  • chronic myelopathy;
  • degenerative disturbance in the area of the spinal canals and the substance itself;
  • diseases associated with mechanical damage to the spine.

Zanaflex administration

Reception of the drug begins with a minimum amount of 2 mg several times a day. In the first week, the dosage is increased to 36 mg (maximum value). The daily amount can be divided into 3-4 doses, depending on the patient's perception of the active component. As a clinical study shows, prevention and elimination of the disease does not require more than 24 mg of substance per day.

Side effects Zanaflex

Zanaflex pills cause minor disorders of the central nervous system like drowsiness, a feeling of constant fatigue, less often insomnia, sleep phase disorders, especially falling asleep.

A non-standard effect on the cardiovascular system, accompanied by a significant decrease in blood pressure, was noted. With uncontrolled use, there is an increased dryness of the inner membranes in the gastrointestinal tract, as well as the mucous surface of the mouth.

Disorders of the musculoskeletal system are possible during prolonged use. This is manifested in the following points:

  • "withdrawal syndrome" can be caused after the effect of the maximum permissible concentration of the active component;
  • fatigue of various origins;
  • tachycardia, enhanced by a regular increase in blood pressure;

Brain activity and blood circulation disorder are contraindications for the use of Zanaflex.


In case of uncontrolled intake of the drug, dizziness, miosis, and anxiety syndrome develop. Possible effects are respiratory failure and coma. Problems are eliminated by symptomatic therapy. It is necessary to rinse the stomach and use activated carbon.

Special instructions Zanaflex

Drug should be used with caution in case of impaired renal and hepatic function. It is recommended to avoid all activities that require high attention (driving vehicles, working with potentially dangerous machines and mechanisms).

Pregnancy and lactation

The drug should not be used during pregnancy. If it is necessary to prescribe tizanidine to nursing mothers, breast-feeding should be discontinued.

Interaction with alcohol

Alcohol can enhance the sedative-hypnotic effect of the drug.

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    I was prescribed Zanaflex in the treatment of osteochondrosis. With osteochondrosis, pain occurs, muscle spasm occurs from pain, and as a result, the pain intensifies. And Zanaflex successfully removes this spasm

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    The drug coped with its task perfectly, the back stopped hurting