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The United States is in the top 50 countries with the highest cigarette consumption. Many of its residents began to smoke at a young age and now they want to get rid of their bad habit. However, nicotine addiction can be overcome on its own only in 1 case out of 15.

People who continue to smoke against their will should buy Zyban generic in the United States. The drug affects the nervous system, softens the effect of giving up cigarettes. The need to inhale tobacco smoke will diminish with each day of therapy. In 7-9 weeks you will recover from the addiction completely.

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What is Zyban Generic?Zyban Generic is an atypical antidepressant that helps quit smoking. It consists of:

  • The active substance bupropion, calming the nervous system;
  • auxiliary components polyvinyl alcohol and tribehenin, which are responsible for the normal absorption of the drug;
  • Povidone, ethylcellulose, silicon dioxide, and triethyl citrate are contained in a film-coated tablet that ensures the gradual release of bupropion into the blood.

Due to its well balanced composition, the medicine gently affects the body. It can cause short-term side effects that do not cause significant discomfort. With the proper use the drug does not cause serious pathologies. Buying Zyban generic in the United States will help to permanently abandon cigarettes without risk to health.
What is Ziban generic prescribed for?
According to statistics, 70% of smokers at least once tried to overcome their dependence. Most of them again take a cigarette in their mouth after 1-2 weeks. Only 15% of people manage to hold for several months. The most common cause of relapse is stress, the habit of smoking in a certain situation and a bad example of others.
Stopping to inhale tobacco smoke, you reduce the level of nicotine in the body. The acute need for a new dose of narcotic substance causes psychological discomfort:

  • inability to focus;
  • obsessive thoughts about smoking;
  • mood swings;
  • increased irritability, outbreaks of aggression;
  • depression, apathy and depression.

Zyban generic prevents the appearance of withdrawal syndrome. Nicotine deficiency does not affect your mood and you will quickly overcome the need for cigarettes. Also, the drug helps to recover from psychological dependence. You will no longer perceive smoking as a way to distract, relax, or calm your nerves. The drug acts as a multipurpose, not allowing you to return to a bad habit. Therefore, Zyban generic is considered the best way to combat nicotine addiction in the United States.

Posology and method of administration of Zyban Generic

Start taking Ziban Generic a week before you stop consuming nicotine. Then gradually reduce the number of cigarettes smoked. On the seventh day, you should stop inhaling tobacco smoke. At the beginning of the course, the recommended dose of Zyban Generic is 1 tablet (150 mg) per day. The drug should be taken in the morning, before or after meals. On the eighth day, the dosage of the medicine must be doubled. Use the second pill in the evening, no later than 3 hours before bedtime. Treatment lasts 7 weeks. Having missed one dose, do not double the dose the next time. Do not allow long interruptions in treatment. If you have not used the medicine for more than a week, start the course again.

The list of contraindications to the use of antidepressants include:

  • epilepsy and other diseases accompanied by convulsions;
  • benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome;
  • eating disorders (anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa);
  • brain tumor.

People shoudn't order Zyban Generic if taking monoamine oxidase inhibitors. Be causious when using the drug if you suffer from severe hypertension, liver dysfunction or kidney problems.
Useful advice: Smokers with experience of more than 10 years must take Ziban generic for 9-12 weeks. A long course of treatment minimizes the likelihood of relapse.
How does Zyban Generic work?
Bupropion inhibits the reuptake of norepinephrine and dopamine, which has a positive effect on the state of the nervous system. The effects of the drug suppress negative emotions caused by the refusal of cigarettes. The desire to smoke occurs less frequently every day.
At the beginning of the treatment, Zyban Generic may cause a feeling of mild euphoria. Taking the pill will improve your mood and tone. When your body gets used to the effects of bupropion, your emotional background will stabilize.
Clinical studies have shown high efficacy of Zyban generic with nicotine addiction of varying severity. More than 7 thousand people took part in the testing. About 79% of the subjects said they could do without cigarettes after the end of the course of treatment.
Helpful tip: Zyban Generic prevents weight gain. Refusing cigarettes will not affect your appetite and diet. Men and women who want to keep a slim figure do not have to follow the diet.

Side Effects of Zyban Generic 150mg

Those who use Zyban Generic in the US complain about the following side effects:

● tremor;
● dry mucous membranes;
● dizziness;
● headache;
● excessive sweating; nausea
● dyspepsia.

A negative reaction to the drug occurs rarely. Discomfort during treatment is experienced by 10 to 15% of patients. After stopping taking the pills or lowering the dosage of the medication, these disorders disappear on their own.
Bupropion increases the risk of epileptic seizures. Using the drug if suffer from epilepsy is strictly prohibited. There is also a small chance of developing hypertension.
Abrupt withdrawal of Ziban Generic can cause withdrawal syndrome, which is accompanied by irritability, anxiety and headache. Side effects do not stay for long. These is no need to smoothly reduce the dose at the end of the course.
Who should not take Ziban Generic?
Antidepressant is absolutely contraindicated for pregnant women and nursing mothers. Also, do not use the drug if you are underage. Zyban Generic is intended for the treatment of nicotine addiction exclusively in adults.
Can I drive a car after taking Zyban Generic?
During the therapy you should be careful when driving. Some side effects of bupropion may make it difficult to quickly respond to changes in the situation on the road, which increases the likelihood of an accident. Doctors recommend refusing to perform work that requires concentration while taking Zyban generic.
Zyban Generic and Alcohol
After buying Zyban Generic in the United States, you will have to temporarily abandon the use of alcohol. The combination of the drug with alcohol can cause an epileptic seizure and other side effects. Even minimal doses of alcohol are a danger to your health.

When can Zyban Generic fail?

The desire to smoke after applying Zyban Generic can be caused by two reasons:

  1. You did not follow the dosage or schedule of medication.
  2. Your body reacts poorly to the effects of bupropion.The course of treatment for nicotine addiction can be repeated. Use Zyban Generic following the instructions and you can overcome the bad habit.
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  • Darrin 30.05.2020

    On the fifth day of use, Zyban did without cigarettes and did not pick them up anymore. Of course, I had to endure, but everything went surprisingly well

  • Maryam 22.05.2020

    In the second week of taking Zyban, my boyfriend began to smoke less and less, addiction was gone, there was no desire. Now he forgot what it means to smoke a cigarette and doesn’t even want to

  • Abigayle 14.05.2020

    It helps and is also affordable, not expensive. I recommend it to everyone, I’ve learned to stop my boyfriend in this way