Men, as a rule, calmly relate to age-related changes. Wrinkles, grayness or dry skin do not cause anxiety. However, there is a cosmetic problem that does not leave the representatives of the stronger sex indifferent. The hardest thing for men is to deal with baldness.

Alopecia is a common disease that results in complete or partial hair loss. In the United States, more than 40% of men over 50 years old cannot boast luxuriant head vegetation. In 5-7% of cases, baldness begins at 25-30 years old.

To get rid with alopecia it is developed a variety of therapeutic techniques. Best results are obtained by laser exposure to the scalp, hair transplant and medicines containing Finasterid.

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–°ause of the baldness

In 95% of men, baldness is caused by a change in hormonal balance. After 40 years old in the body begins to produce dihydrotestosterone, which blocks the power of the hair follicles. A bald patch appears on the forehead and crown of the head, while on the back of the head and temples hair growth is maintained. The disorder is inherited from father to son. Hair loss caused by dihydrotestosterone exposure is called androgenic alopecia.

Baldness may occur for other reasons:

  •  Improper diet, which leads to a deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body.
  •  Diabetes, thyroid dysfunction and other endocrine diseases.
  •  Taking medication, in particular, some antibiotics, antidepressants and drugs that suppress immunity.
  •  Fungal scalp lesion (cutaneous mycosis, ringworm).
  •  Autoimmune diseases, including vitiligo, and myasthenia.
  •  Mechanical damage or chemical burns.
  •  Stress, strong nervous tension.

It is extremely rare for United States doctors to diagnose alopecia in men who have chosen the wrong hair care products. Shampoo replacement usually helps to solve the problem.

How does drugs for baldness work?

The impact of drugs used for alopecia, is aimed at restoring normal operation of the hair follicles. Medicines improve blood supply to the scalp, providing nutrients, and accelerate cell regeneration.

An alternative to pills is a laser therapy. Weak light rays activate cell division and stimulate hair growth. Laser treatments on the scalp are not suitable for everyone and do not guarantee a positive result with androgenic alopecia.

If standard treatment methods do not help, more radical measures are used. Hair transplant is an effective but costly way to stop baldness. Surgery should be considered last of all because of the possibility of complications.

Types of drugs for hair loss:

Medications for baldness are present in the range of most online pharmacies in the United States. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of the most popular types of drugs that stop hair loss.

Minoxidil based medications

Minoxidil is a synthetic substance that was originally intended to treat an ulcer. Clinical studies have shown that the drug has a useful side effect: men suffering from alopecia restored their hair growth. It is useless against diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Minoxidil increases the calcium content in the body cells and accelerates the growth of tissues in the hair follicles. The medicine is recommended to be taken with mild alopecia. The drug will not work if most of the hair is lost.

The drug is well tolerated, but can cause discomfort. Acceptance of Minoxidil leads to inflammation of the eyes, accelerated growth of body hair, dermatitis and dandruff. More serious disorders are extremely rare.

Medicines containing Finasterid

High doses of Finasteride are used to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia. Tablets with a small content of the active substance block the formation of dihydrotestosterone, stopping baldness. Stabilization of hormonal balance leads to the resumption of hair growth. On the affected areas of the scalp appears a thin, colorless fluff, which over time becomes stronger and becomes darker.

Finasteride is prescribed only for androgenic alopecia. The drug has no effect in baldness due to other causes. Depending on the severity of the disorder, therapy lasts from 3 months to a year.

At the beginning of the treating course Finasterid may cause a decrease of libido, impaired ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. In most cases, sexual function is restored when the body becomes accustomed to the effects of the drug. In the United States, no more than 10% of men taking the drug complain of side effects.

Strengthening balms, ointments and hair gels

Medicines in this group contain the vitamins, trace elements and nutrients necessary for stable hair growth. They are used in cases of mild alopecia caused by taking medication or eating improperly. Also strengthening balms are suitable for the prevention of baldness.

Homeopathic preparations

The least reliable category of medicines against hair loss available in the United States. Tablets containing small doses of natural medicinal substances hardly help with baldness. It is better to give preference to other medicines for men who want to get rid with baldness.

Why Finasterid is ordered by doctors for treatment the baldness?

Finasteride eliminates the most common cause of baldness: high levels of dihydrotestosterone. By preventing the formation of sex hormone, the drug provides natural hair growth. The use of the drug is successful in more than 70% of cases. For comparison, Minoxidil affects only for 39% of men.

From the preparations containing Finasteride, it is necessary to select Propecia Generic. This drug has a balanced composition and quickly gives results. Even win severe cases of androgenic alopecia, treatment rarely lasts longer than 9 months.

Propecia Generic does not cause discomfort and does not harm health. The drug can cause mild allergic reactions and sexual dysfunction. However, the disorder goes through 2-3 months after you start taking the pills. The combination of safety, affordable price and high efficiency makes Propecia Generic one of the best drugs against the baldness.