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  • Diego 24.05.2020

    I still haven’t gotten coronavirus, although I’m in the focus of the disease. I think this proves the effectiveness of kaletra

  • Violet 19.05.2020

    I’m not afraid of coronavirus, but I live with my parents in the same house, therefore, for their benefit, just in case, I myself accept kaletra, and I give them

  • Herman 11.05.2020

    Now they are starting to talk about a possible vaccination. I'd rather take kaletra further

  • Barry 18.03.2020

    With all this coronavirus pandemic I’d better play it safe. Thanks for delivering kaletra so quickly

  • Haley 14.03.2020

    Considering my age is at risk group for coronavirus, kaletra can actually save my life. I hope it works just as my doctor said

  • Isaac 09.03.2020

    I’m not a fan of all these quarantine measures but I do worry about my children. Don’t want any of them to get sick

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