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  • Fredy 27.05.2020

    I do not, as such, need to take pills every time I have sex, but when I use them, fantastic results come out. I call it feel like a teenager again

  • Dereck 19.05.2020

    I rarely use it, but it always helped, helps out in awkward moments that often happen

  • Torrance 11.05.2020

    Already took twice before sex, works with a bang, gives a very good erection

  • Antonio 22.11.2019

    Maybe I'm weird but I take the gel, not the pills, because I like the taste of the gel

  • Francisco 10.11.2019

    I always dreamed of trying a threesome but was afraid that I won't be able to handle two girls. I decided to play it safe and took Kamagra. In the end, everyone enjoyed

  • Jose 04.11.2019

    Gel is a real lifehack for parties. No longer I need to fear that someone will see a pill and laugh

  • Roberto 01.11.2019

    I tried the drug many times. Good for bed experiments. Strongly recommend!

  • Ted 02.05.2019

    I like this medicine. I will continue to order.

  • Ewan 16.12.2018

    Not exactly what I expected.

    The effect is very weak. I will better buy pills with a strong active ingredient.

  • Steve 04.12.2018

    I can buy this

    I like the effect of gum more than pills. And taking such a drug is more convenient. No need to drink water.

  • Fred H. 22.10.2018

    I recommend this pharmacy

    Thank you so much for the excellent service and up-to-date delivery!

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