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  • Anthony 28.05.2020

    The drug really works. I take a pill and, until the action begins, I go to take a shower

  • Jeffery 20.05.2020

    A good, effective remedy, as it should be! For the price, everything suits

  • Wilfred 12.05.2020

    Great stuff. Really helps to solve problems with potency. No artificial sensations. The effect occurs only with real excitement and lasts more than seven hours. My wife enjoys the effect more than I do, but the orgasm has become so vivid that I am in awe

  • Jasper 27.11.2019

    Me and my girlfriend have decided to try tantric sex but it requires a lot of endurance. I use kamagra for confidence. With it, there are no problems

  • Harvey 19.11.2019

    With these pills I forget that I have impotence and feel like a full man

  • Duncan 11.11.2019

    When you're married for a long time, sex turns into a routine, a conjugal duty. You have to experiment to regain that long lost passion. Pills for potency were such an experiment for us. I can say that the experiment was definitely a success, now I will buy them from time to time

  • Tim 56789 07.04.2019


    Shipping paid. This product came in 3 days. Very promptly

  • Vik 14.10.2018

    Great product for its price.

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