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  • Lexi 24.05.2020

    My grandmother had a terrible irritation on her arms and legs, as it turned out later, an allergic reaction to vitamins. We tried prednisone - the effect of the next day! Redness and itching immediately decreased.

  • Mason 18.05.2020

    If you have ever experienced an excessive reaction to insect bites, you need to carry prednisolone with you

  • Brett 12.05.2020

    For any allergy sufferer this is an indispensable drug, in severe cases I have been using it for more than 10 years

  • Greg 06.01.2020

    I bought prednisolone for the treatment of allergies. Over time, it helps if used correctly.

  • Zooey 02.01.2020

    I have been buying medicine only on this site for a long time. It has never let down

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