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  • Maribel 26.05.2020

    Good drug. The cheapest among analogues. And if the result is good, then why pay more

  • Jazmyne 18.05.2020

    I lost 4 kg on this drug per month. I did not refuse myself food. There is one drawback - frequent visits to the toilet, there is a lot of fat, so you need less fat to somehow control this problem

  • Hailee 10.05.2020

    I take the second week, for the first I lost 2.7 kg! I did not notice any side effects. Hope to lose weight yet!

  • Vincenzo 25.03.2020

    Thanks to this pharmacy in summer I'll be able to go to the beach without embarrassment

  • Gregory 21.03.2020

    Back at school I was called fatty but I couldn't lose weight. Now I weigh 70 kg and all thanks to alli

  • Luisa 17.03.2020

    I can't stand it for a long time in the gym, too hard. It’s better to take alli and suffer a little from side effects

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