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  • Rickey 27.05.2020

    The bald spots stopped growing, it seems that even new hairs appeared

  • Joseph 19.05.2020

    Good remedy for hair loss. It’s only necessary to understand that it doesn’t begin to act immediately

  • Jamison 11.05.2020

    Hair is restored. Not a magnificent mane, as in youth, but they really began to grow all over the head with an almost even layer

  • Vince 30.11.2019

    I was tired of spending an entire hour in front of the mirror every time I comb my hair to hide my baldness. After taking the pills, a dark fluff grew on the most problematic areas of the head, which masks the bald spot. I hope the result won't stop there

  • Andrea 18.11.2019

    The hair became thick again. Highly recommend!

  • Albert 08.11.2019

    I bought propecia at the first sign of baldness. I take the pills for a long time and everything is ok for now

  • Paul 10.02.2019

    I appreciate your attention

    Thank you so much for the great service. I was told in detail about the preparation. What can be side effects. Consulted on the delivery. Order arrived on time. Thank!

  • Dom G. 26.12.2017

    Order arrived on time. Everything corresponds to the description

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