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  • William 24.05.2020

    I sometimes take to increase tone and to please my wife, I am very pleased with the effect, I will say that the drug is definitely worth the money

  • Nicholas 17.05.2020

    It’s not always possible to fall asleep immediately after these pills, but on the whole it’s not disappointed, and the wife is so happy

  • Norris 10.05.2020

    I haven’t had such a long erection since my youth, it doesn’t cause any discomfort

  • Miguel 24.11.2019

    It seemed to me that these tablets have a better effect than original Viagra, although the composition seems to be the same

  • Javier 13.11.2019

    It's much more convenient in this form. I hate to swallow pills

  • Diego 03.11.2019

    The tablet dissolves and acts very quickly and I didn't observe any side effects. Highly recommend

  • 121Irt 21.04.2019

    At first I doubted that. I trusted ordinary pills more, but it works.

  • Richard T. 11.12.2018

    Parcel arrived on time. I like it, but the effect is slightly weaker than the original pills.

  • Steve 08.07.2018

    I will order more

    It tastes nice. Do not drink water. The effect occurs approximately 5-7 minutes after taking the medicine.

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