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  • Easton 28.05.2020

    I am going to travel to a country with a tropical climate in a month, so I take stromectol for protection against malaria. This is a long-tried method, so I have no doubt in the effectiveness of the drug

  • Jayson 22.05.2020

    Bought his wife when she was bitten by ticks. Stromectol works well, there seemed to be no side effects

  • Jaqueline 16.05.2020

    I was very surprised when it turned out that our whole family had worms. Naturally, I immediately ordered stromectol and we successfully recovered

  • Nigel 15.02.2020

    Our whole family takes stromectol once every six months to prevent helminth infections and it works great

  • Katya 10.02.2020

    The doctor prescribed stromectol to my child, but at first I wanted to read articles about this drug. Thanks for the informational content, we will order it here as well

  • Terry 07.02.2020

    My stomach finally stopped aching

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