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  • Alberto 23.11.2019

    I tried Cialis a couple of times but the original is too expensive for me. I was pleasantly surprised when I learned about the existence of generic. Acts exactly the same, strongly recommend it

  • Luca 14.11.2019

    Sex marathon is the best way to spend weekend and it flows easy and pleasant with Cialis

  • Adriano 06.11.2019

    I don't like planning sex so out of all the pills I chose Cialis. I take one in the morning and then everything happens when it happens

  • Tim 15.05.2019

    Generic is good

    The effect, which lasts two days, suits me very much. I am pleased with the price and fast delivery.

  • Dave B. 04.03.2019

    Sometimes the bureaucracy strains me, because you cannot do anything without a corresponding document. A visit to the doctor is especially unpleasant, and then you need to go to the pharmacy to buy drugs for potency according to your problems. So when I managed to buy cheap Cialis without a prescription, I immediately took advantage of it. The drug is much more convenient than prescribed pills, and, most importantly, is able to maintain an erection for 36 hours. This is incredible!

  • carlo 14.01.2019

    Before that, I ordered the original Cialis. When it came time to make a new order, there was not enough money for the original product, and I chose generics. I can only say that the product is of high quality and does not differ from the actual originals. Delivery on time I like it

  • rob - t 28.11.2017

    Great stimulant

    This medicine is very effective. Take a maximum of one tablet per day.

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