What is the Best Weight Loss Strategy for Childhood Obesity?

In this condition, food consumption is more than food expenditure. Obesity, in general, is now a health threat, and is becoming a global concern especially in United States and Germany. Childhood obesity can lead to serious problems like asthma, hypertension, diabetes and heart problems.

What are the Main Causes of Childhood Obesity?

childhood obesity prevention

The most common culprits of childhood obesity are physical inactivity, genetics and bad nutrition habits. Chocolates and junk foods are amongst the most consumed food types that give no benefits to health. While, fast foods and processed meals replace the freshly cooked meals at home.

On the other hand, since the boom of technology, many children became “couch potatoes”; dwelling on their couches while playing video games all throughout the day. Skipping rope, which used to be a popular street kids game, has now become dormant, and will go extinct anytime soon.

What is Weight Loss Management for Children Obesity?

Children who develop awareness on weight might start asking themselves, wie kann ich schnell abnehmen. However, pretty sure that not all kids develop such awareness, and ask the question to themselves. Parents, in this case, play an active role.

It is worthy to note that the approach of weight loss management on children is not paralleled to adults. To be specific, kids, unlike adults, cannot bear the stress of active and vigorous exercise. Parents themselves should led by example by taking proactive measures to the problem.

To start, offer freshly cooked foods during meals; replace junk foods with healthier snacks; canned goods and processed foods should be limited as treats, and not as substitutes of primary diet.  To break inactivity, plan for activities where the whole family can participate.

Attending a fun run, for example, is very cool family activity. Finally, it is an essential procedure for parents to educate their kids on the potential dangers of childhood obesity.

Xenical is contraindicated in children, but adults can use the drug for weight loss