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  • Twila 30.05.2020

    Xenical is good as an adjuvant in combination with a diet. To obtain the desired result, one drug will not be enough. As for adverse reactions, I did not have any. In general, I am satisfied

  • Elenora 22.05.2020

    I have been taking it for 2 weeks now. I am satisfied with the result so far

  • Rosina 14.05.2020

    I recommend the drug for admission, but only for medicinal purposes, and only in combination with a diet. Otherwise there will be no sense

  • Paola 01.12.2019

    I don't regret taking orlistat. My man now devotes much more time to me and calls me his beauty again Good luck, Rosetta!

  • Rosetta 25.11.2019

    I'm grateful to these pills for a slim figure. Wish me luck, girls, I'm going on a date tomorrow! :)

  • Patrizia 21.11.2019

    I like to eat tasty food but everything has its consequences. It’s good that these consequences are so easy to deal with

  • Mattea 03.11.2019

    I lost 40 kg thanks to these pills. I finally feel like a real lady

  • Erika T. 08.05.2019

    Great medicine

    I lost 20 pounds in 2 weeks with Xenical and physical activity. Do not forget to follow a diet.

  • Ann 11.03.2019


    Thanks for the fast service.

  • Samantha 08.02.2019

    The drug works, but there are side effects. There is a slight dizziness. I stopped taking medicines for a while.

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