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  • Tate 27.05.2020

    After undergoing spinal surgery, the attending physician told me to buy Zanaflex

  • Aryanna 21.05.2020

    I was prescribed Zanaflex in the treatment of osteochondrosis. With osteochondrosis, pain occurs, muscle spasm occurs from pain, and as a result, the pain intensifies. And Zanaflex successfully removes this spasm

  • Clyde 15.05.2020

    The drug coped with its task perfectly, the back stopped hurting

  • Terry 13.01.2020

    It’s hard for me to go to the pharmacy after the surgery so I order medicine online. There were never any problems with delivery

  • Michael 09.01.2020

    I was told to take zanaflex after a stroke. I am not a doctor so I don’t know exactly what it should do but I didn’t observe any side effects

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