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  • Darrin 30.05.2020

    On the fifth day of use, Zyban did without cigarettes and did not pick them up anymore. Of course, I had to endure, but everything went surprisingly well

  • Maryam 22.05.2020

    In the second week of taking Zyban, my boyfriend began to smoke less and less, addiction was gone, there was no desire. Now he forgot what it means to smoke a cigarette and doesn’t even want to

  • Abigayle 14.05.2020

    It helps and is also affordable, not expensive. I recommend it to everyone, I’ve learned to stop my boyfriend in this way

  • Michael 02.12.2019

    The pills have an effect I clearly didn't expect. I just don’t feel like smoking. I didn't think that everything would be so simple

  • Mark 25.11.2019

    I admit, I don't have the willpower to quit smoking on my own. The pills have made the process a million times easier. Now I smoke only on holidays which is a huge progress from two pacs a day

  • Robert 03.11.2019

    I have been smoking for over 20 years. Recently I began to cough and gasp after cigarettes but was afraid that it's impossible to quit with all these years of smoking behind me. How surprised I was when after these pills the desire to smoke gradually disappeared. After 2 months I quit smoking completely and now I feel great!

  • nick 15.04.2019

    I can recommend this pharmacy

    Thank you very much for the detailed advice and timely delivery.

  • Bobby T. 22.01.2019

    I really hope

    Thank you for the delivery came safe. Everything fits the description. I hope this medicine will help me

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